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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re Here to Help

How do I schedule service?

To schedule service, simply Email us at, and our service department will confirm your appointment and technician arrival time via email. Alternatively, you may speak with someone over the phone, call 214-642-6524.

Do you service and calibrate the pipettes on-site or do we have to mail them in?

Pipette Master LLC does both. You can call us on-site or you can mail them in. We can also pick up your pipettes and deliver them to you once calibration is complete. It is your choice!

When do you come on-site to our campus? Are there fixed days?

We come on-site to many different campuses on fixed days every month. Email us for the schedule to your campus.

Do you provide weekend services?

Yes, we provide weekend services. We can pick up your pipettes on Friday before 5 PM and we will deliver them to you on Monday morning.

Do you provide a pipette trading service for broken pipettes?

Yes, we provide a pipette trading service for broken pipettes. If any lab has broken pipettes, we can trade them in for new pipettes. Please call or email us for pricing details.

Do you provided borrowed pipettes while you are servicing our pipettes so that we can continue to work in the lab with pipettes?

Yes, we can provide borrowed pipettes while we service your pipettes in order for you to continue your work in the lab. We will be able to provide 2 or 3 sets of pipettes including all volumes: 1000, 200, 100, 20, 10 and 2. Every set includes 6 pipettes so up to a total of 18 pipettes can be borrowed.

What brands of pipettes do you service, calibrate and repair?

We service, calibrate, and repair all brands and types of pipettes. Our service includes all manual single and multi-channel pipettes, all electronic single and multichannel pipettes, and p-aids/repeaters.

If we mail in the pipettes for service, who will pay the shipping cost?

We pay for one-way ground shipping if you have at least 15 pipettes. For over 20 pipettes, we will pay the entire shipping cost. You will need to call us and we will email a prepaid shipping label for you.

What is the turnaround time for mailed pipettes?

The turnaround time for mailed pipettes is typically 24-48 hours.

What is included in your service? Do you charge extra for seals and o- rings?

Our service includes complete cleaning, inside and outside, change of seal/o- ring and lubrication as applicable. Major parts are extra.

Are there labor charges for repairs?

There are no labor charges for repairs at the time of service. If any additional parts are required, there will be a charge for those. However, no parts are replaced without your prior consent if the price is more than $60. 

Do you come on-site with your own test and measurement equipment?

Yes, we bring our own test & measurement equipment. All measurement equipment is traceable to NIST.

Is your test & measurement equipment calibrated?

Yes, third party vendors calibrate our test & measurement equipment.

What method do you use to calibrate pipettes?

We use the gravimetric method of calibration to calibrate pipettes.

What does your warranty include?

Our one-year, no-questions-asked warranty includes complete labor, repair, and any parts that we replaced.

Do you require a purchase order in advance? How do we pay you?

No, after the work is complete to your satisfaction, you will need to issue us a PO or pay by any of the major credit cards or bank transfer if the PO is not required in advance by your purchasing department. In some cases, a PO is required in advance. You will need to find out through your purchasing department, or we will inform you.

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