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Our trained service technicians are equipped with advanced calibration devices and received extensive training on all laboratory equipment.


Pipette Calibration

  • Disassemble the pipette

  • Clean the shaft, piston and all internal parts with acetone and hi-gloss metal polish

  • Replace Teflon seal and o-ring

  • Lubricate any necessary parts

  • Reassemble pipette and make necessary adjustments

  • Clean exterior, clean ejector

  • Calibrate pipette to manufacturer’s specs

  • Apply calibration sticker with calibration date and due date

  • 1 year warranty on calibration and 1 year warranty on part


  • Cornerload, repeatability and linearity tests

  • "As Found" and "As Left" Data

  • Cleaning of draft shield, housing, weighing pan, weighing chamber and door track

  • Adjustment of the scales using a weight matching procedure to ensure accurate and consistent readings

  • Re-leveling of the Balance/Scale